Friday, May 11, 2007

To my Republican friends, please consider a write-in vote for me!

When I first started this website in March, I was contacted by my friends throughout our community, Republicans as well as Democrats! People from both parties were excited and wished me good luck in the campaign process.

With ever increasing numbers, Democrats AND Republicans wanted to help.

After several months of keeping a pleasant secret a SECRET, I can now announce my candidacy for the Borough Council in the East Ward attracted active bipartisan support! Noting the fact that we did not have a Republican candidate in our ward, I listened to the urging of the good people in our community and decided to seek the Republican nomination for the Council seat.

Beginning today, many of my Republican friends will receive my candidate announcement card as did my loyal Democratic friends, with one addition. One side of the card will have a sticker with information on how to write my name in to become the Republican candidate for the East Ward Council seat.

As we will be using a new voting format this year in the primary, the method for casting a write-in vote is simple.

On the ballot, locate the section for casting your vote for Phoenixville Borough Council. My understanding is that it will be blank. Please fill in the circle on the ballot for the appropriate position, and write my name, Karen Johns, on the adjacent line. That's it!

When I served my two terms on Council in the 1990's, my seat belonged to the people of Phoenixville, I was YOUR representative. It mattered not if you were in my ward, or if you carried the same political card as me. The work I did extended from one end of our Borough to the other without any thought as to political persuasion. The voice I used when speaking on Council floor was your voice. If I am elected it can be that way, again!

With the release of this exciting news, I now ask the Republican voters of the East Ward to consider writing in my name, Karen Johns, for Phoenixville Borough Council.

Thank you!


karlub said...

It was a pleasure to give you a hand on Friday, Karen. I was one of the Republicans willing to help.

As our friend Nancy Brueur has said, there is not a GOP or Dem way to take out the trash. I take this both literally and metaphorically.

I firmly believe you will be a Councilwoman who is both experienced and willing to listen to the citizens of Phoenixville, both Republican and Democrat. That is all I expect out of a representative on Burough council, and with that attitude I don't care about party.

I don't think the people of Phoenixville care about party, either, so I like your chances.

Bitter Ed said...

As a Republican, I am glad to see that there is an effort to get a competent candidate on the Republican ballot for the East Ward. Karen is the embodiment of what the party has been pushing for the past few years: independent minded, community spirited, and competent individuals that care for this Borough and want to see it succeed through this round of revitalization.

Keep up the hard work, Karen. And to my fellow Republicans, let's show up in force Tuesday. We need to start making an impact on these races.

Karen said...

Karlub, I cannot thank you enough for stepping forward to help my campaign.

In this age of "blue states" and "red states", the slinging of the words liberal and conservative as though they are derrogatory, and other methods used to separate and polarize us, I am pleasantly thrilled by the bipartisan support I have received.

In any community, especially in our hometown, we all should be working for our neighbors, for the betterment of our community, for a higher standard and quality of life which we can all enjoy.

Political parties can and do field candidates, so they serve a purpose, but the politics of the party needs to be left at the Council meeting room door.

I did exactly that before, and with the voter's help, I'll do it again.

Thank you, so much, for your help, karlub!

Karen said...

bitter ed, the only way I can show my appreciation to people like you who have supported and continue to support me is by my actions on Borough Council

My pledge to all the citizens of Phoenixville is that I will represent YOU in the manner and form that you have come to expect and need in a representative.

Thank you for trust placed in me.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you lose the Democratic election and the Republican election.

Karen said...

Anonymous 5:34 p.m., I respect your opinion but my friends and volunteers will be working to spread the message of my campaign even in these last few days prior to the election.

You shall learn soon if your hopes are realized.

Thank you for your comment.