Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Today is Election Day! YOUR vote can make a difference in Phoenixville!

Very shortly, the polls in Phoenixville will open, and you will cast your vote for the candidate who will best represent your interests on how the Borough of Phoenixville will meet the challenges of the next four years.

Please consider my experience, and my work as make your decision today.

Thank you for your support!


Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,

Congratulations on your victory today on the Republican ticket! I never thought I would see the day you would be a Republican. Welcome to the dark side, sister! We're happy to have you!

With love,
A faithful supporter

Karen said...

Thank you!!

As I said to the reporter last night, this is not a "blue" or "red" campaign, in me, Phoenixville now has it's very first "PURPLE" campaign!

I plan to work hard towards a victory proving the power of people of Phoenixville in November!

Thank you!