Wednesday, May 16, 2007


YOU did it!

For the first time ever in my recollections, Phoenixville will have a Democrat, on the East Ward Republican ballot for Borough Council in November!


Before all else, a few remarks.

I acknowledge and thank my Lord Jesus Christ for His help and the many graces bestowed on me.

I wish to warmly thank my loving family for all their help and support.

I want to shout my 'THANK YOU" to my loyal, dedicated campaign workers, supporters, and all the voters, both Republican and Democrat, for the trust displayed in me by the results of the election yesterday!!

Each and every one of you proved that we are not a "red" community, we are not a "blue" town, we are not exclusive in who we vote for and want to represent us, we are inclusive. You embraced the concept and promise of my candidacy, to represent EVERY person in Phoenixville, Democrat and Republican!

My promise to you is to continue working towards victory in November so that I may serve you and Phoenixville!


Karen said...

Today's article from The Phoenix!

2 unseated from council
By G.E. Lawrence, Special to The Phoenix

PHOENIXVILLE - Two Borough Council incumbents lost their party's nomination for re-election in the primary election on Tuesday.
Third-generation Phoenixville resident and Planning Commission member Mike Handwerk sped past incumbent Council member Tim Daly in Tuesday's primary election to capture the Democratic nomination for a Middle Ward Council seat to be contested in the November General Election.

Unofficial late tallies had Handwerk with 153 votes to Daly's 41.

"I'm honestly surprised at the 79% margin," Handwerk said late Tuesday evening. "But my supporters, especially Ann Helduser and my mom and a lot of others, worked very hard for me. I couldn't have done this without their work. We got a great response from the community."
Daly said, "If Phoenixville wants Mike, they got him. Phoenixville's not ready for a Councilman like Tim Daly. Phoenixville is still holding on to a past that's not going to help them in revitalization."

Handwerk will face a stiff challenge in November from long-time resident Greg Hytha, who ran unopposed for the Republican nomination in the primary.

In the East Ward, incumbent Tish Jones lost a heated three-way Democratic race to Borough Party Committee member Mike Speck, and former Democratic Council member Karen Johns mounted a successful write-in campaign for the Republican nomination.

On the Democratic ballot, Speck held 79 votes to Johns's 74 and Jones's 55.

"I want to thank my family, and friends, Ann Helduser and all my supporters," Speck said. "But this victory is bittersweet. Voter turnout in this ward and others ranged from the teens to the twenties in percentages. I want to thank all voters who turned out throughout the Borough. I challenge them to come out again in the fall, and bring a friend with them."

"I lost. But I'm not a loser," Jones said. "People made decisions and they'll have to live with them."

By two unofficial poll observers' counts, of 95 write-in votes cast on the East Ward Republican primary ballot, a ballot that had no party-endorsed candidate, Johns appeared to capture 64 votes, to Speck's 26 and Jones's 5.

"I did really well because both my Democratic and Republican friends worked very hard. It looks like a 'D' is on a 'D' ballot, and a 'D' is on an 'R' ballot in November. When you refer to me then in the paper, I hope you put both letters behind my name. With all the contention over liberal and conservative, red states and blue states, we have a purple candidate in me. Phoenixville wins."

Council president John Messina (D) and resident Jeff Senley (R) ran unopposed for their party's nominations in North Ward.

Incumbent Council member Kendrick Buckwalter (R) and Democratic Committee Treasurer Dana Dugan ran unopposed for their respective party's nominations in West Ward.

Turnout ranged from a low of 11% in the Democratic ballot in one North Ward precinct to a high of only 28% in one East Ward precinct's Republican ballot.

Anonymous said...

can someone please tell me what in local politics is a D or R or Red or Blue issue???

The choice for who to vote for, in local elections should be all about the quality of the candidate and the issues they are willing to take on, on behalf of the PEOPLE.

Best Wishes to Karen John and to bringing true Democracy back to Phoenixville,,unlike the current back room deals,,that are taking place on borough council..

Karen said...

Thank you for your best wishes, Anonymous 6:26 a.m.

On Tuesday, an overwhelming number of voters spoke to me about two issues, their outrage over the trash debacle, and their disgust and anger over what they perceive as a lack of common sense in the current Council's ability to address the problems in our Borough.

The decisions made by the voters show their desire and the need for a new direction for Phoenixville.

November's elections will ensure that change.

Anonymous said...


how do you feel about using eminent domain with the old steel site?

are you still in favor of it?

Anonymous said...

Karen first i like to congratulate you and wish you luck in Nov. What is your thoughts on the comments that Daly made after he lost?Whether you win or lose , you should know how to act right.Sounds very unbecoming to oneself.Unlike yourself ,who has allways acted in a class way. And whats your thoughts on this race?

Karen said...

Anonymous 10:57 a.m., as you may already know, the borough and the property owners are waiting for court, so this issue may not be heard for quite some time.

I believe I read that there have been changes to the eminent domain statutes in Pennsylvania since I was last on Council. I would wholeheartedly favor a re-examination of the laws and the issue in regards to the former Phoenix Steel site.

Thank you for your question!

Karen said...

Anonymous, 9:37 p.m., thank you for your good wishes!

Comments made immediately after any election may reflect the many different emotions a candidate is experiencing right at that moment.

I personally understand how awkward one can feel in trying to sum up the experience.

Anonymous, I would never judge anyone's remarks made after such an emotional event.

Insofar as the results of the Middle Ward race, I congratulate both Handwerk and Hytha on well run campaigns.

Thank you for your question!