Friday, May 18, 2007

Unofficial results in the East Ward Council race

I've been asked to post the results of the East Ward Council race, and I will do so. However, I want everyone to know that these are UNOFFICIAL results. Normally, certification of the number of ballots casts takes approximately 2 weeks. If there are any changes to the numbers I have, I will post them to this thread.

East 1 - Democratic ballot Republican Write-in

Johns 35 23

Jones 16 1

Speck 19 2

East 2

Johns - 18 28

Jones 31 4

Speck 20 7

East 3

Johns - 21 13

Jones - 8 0

Speck 40 16

Combined totals, Democrat and Republican, by my count are as follows:

Johns - 138

Jones - 60

Speck - 104

One of my volunteers quickly realized that had the General election occured on Tuesday rather than the Primary, I would have won the East Ward Council seat!

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their extraordinary efforts in my campaign.

Onward to a big victory for Phoenixville in November!


Anonymous said...

You have a essentially a 4 to 1 vote against the members of the Messina-Digirolomo machine, with Mike and Karen 240 to 60 in the east and Mr Handwerk getting an 80% win. Messina and the relatively unknown Republican candidate got about an equal number of votes in the North Ward. It looks like Messina's political future will be shortened, and Digirolomo's ride to work will be lengthened come the fall. Thank you Karen and the other candidates who are standing up for the people.

Karen said...

You are welcome, Anonymous 11:25 p.m.

Many people in the East Ward share your optomism about the future of Phoenixville, because I've heard from them!

I've received many telephone calls since Tuesday night, and people are stopping by my home to ask if they can help with my General election campaign.

The answer is YES!!

I already have a growing list of volunteers, many who have told me they have decided they just don't want to "take it anymore", the status quo must change.

I am thrilled, however, that the remarkable bipartisan effort put forth for the primary is now sparking an early interest in the November elections.

There is a grassroots movement beginning in our town, unlike anything I've ever seen before, comprised of concerned Democrats, Republicans, and there is room for more.

YOU can help Phoenixville's future by becoming a member of my election team!

Give me a call or stop by, this is going to be a very exciting election year!

Thank you, Anonymous 11:25 p.m.

Anonymous said...

karen what you are doing to bring True Democracy back to Phoenixville is absolutely AWESOME!

The more we ACCEPT, the more we must ALLOW.

the results of Tuesday's election,,show that the people of phoenixville are getting tired of the status quo..

Keep the Faith!

be sure to check out the election results for the North Ward

Anonymous said...

Interesting Statistics from

North Ward 1
Democrat Ballots Cast 42
Votes for Messina 31

North Ward 2
Democrat Ballots Cast 54
Votes for Messina 33

North Ward 3
Democrat Ballots Cast 59
Votes for Messina 48

Why aren't all the Democratic Ballots cast, voting for the Incumbent and long time BC President John Messina?