Sunday, January 6, 2008

Council - Make the right choice Monday night

I write this with obvious knowledge that an agreement was reached among the Democrats to seat Henry Wagner as President of Council. However, in the best interest of Phoenixville, I again ask Borough Council to consider Richard Kirkner for the position.

The primary reason why I am publically supporting Rich is because we are at a critical juncture in the evolution and revitalization of Phoenixville. The President, as the figural head of Council, plays a pivotal role not only in the exposition and positioning of our borough, but also in leading and helping to define the direction of our community.

Previously, I wrote:

"Rich has the most experience working for the Borough. He has the longest combined tenure on Council, and although I don't agree with many decisions or statements Rich has made in the past, the bottom line is that he does have a conscience, and he does represent his constituency, and others to the best of his ability.

He is willing to listen to different view points, he was mentored in his Council position by good and trustworthy former Council members and others, he learned how to be a Council member in the correct way, and his loyalty in his decisions on Council is to the best decision for the people of Phoenixville, not to colleagues, staff members, or interest groups.

He IS a good man."

I have known Rich for about 30 years. Long enough to make definitive statements and judgements about his character, both private and public.

Rich's personality has strong foundations of honesty, judiciousness, and an undistorted sense of right and wrong. Characteristics crowned by his committment of service to the Phoenixville community along with his compassion and strong sense of concern for our residents.

Kirkner does not lie. He does not play manipulative political games. He is not interested in, and does not abet or partake in personal attacks, he does not hold a grudge.

I know Richard will not be swayed by special interest group campaigns, and any support to special projects would come only after careful consideration, after weighing the pros and cons to Phoenixville as a whole.

I know, first hand, of Rich's loyalty, accessiblity, and willingness to listen to all sides of a situation.

This is the type of person we need in leadership in Phoenixville.

I ask this Council to do the right thing.

Appoint Richard Kirkner to President of Phoenixville's Borough Council.

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