Monday, January 7, 2008

Henry Wagner - Phoenixville Borough Council President




Fitzy said...

It would be nice, as a tax-paying Phoenixville citizen, to see Mr. Wagner's email address or phone number on the Borough website.

Karen said...

I agree, Fitzy.

While I don't know the reason why Wagner removed his contact information, the removal limits his constituent's ability to have access to him unless they try to reach him when he is home or write him a letter. Both options are problematical.

Personally, as a Council member, I made myself accessible to everyone at any time whether it was convenient or not. Most people who call have problems or complaints they wish to have addressed immediately if not sooner.

I firmly believe being available to the public is part of a public servant or representative's "job".

Anonymous said...

Isn't Henry Wagner the neighbor of Anthony DiGirolomo?
Phoenixville...Phoenixville...Phoenixville... Will things EVER change?