Monday, January 14, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night....

....but, I went anyway, to the Shade Tree Commission meeting held at Borough Hall tonight.

I believe I may have mentioned, either here or in person to some of you, an idea I've been kicking around in my mind for a number of years, a tree "gifting" program for Phoenixville.

The concept is simple. Under the auspices of the Shade Tree Commission, residents would apply and pay for a tree of their choosing to be planted in an area of their choice, be it in front of their home, a Borough park, or other public grounds.

Trees could be gifted in celebration for the birth of a baby, wedding, anniversary, in memoriam at the passing of a loved one, or any other significant event. The dedication of a tree could be a focal point of faith, for inspiration, and a living legacy for many generations. A plaque with the name of the intended could be placed by the tree, and a certificate issued.

Additionally, the institution of a tree gifting program would benefit the entire community in the effort to replenish our town of the trees which have been removed.

I believe my presentation was well received by the Commission members, and I sincerely hope they embrace the idea and submit it to Council for their consideration.

Oh, and even though it WAS raining, it really wasn't stormy. I just always wanted to start an article with that header.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea! What a nice thought.

Fitzy said...

I'm for it.
Karen, are there still open spots on the Shade Tree Commission?

Karen said...

Thanks for the positive feedback.

I just hope the Commission sees the merit in the idea and that Council allows the concept to become a positive program in Phoenixville.

Fitzy, the night I attended there were three board members. I'm not sure if there are any vacancies or not.