Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Phoenixville Planning Commission is hemorrhaging

By now, everyone who follows Phoenixville blogs has seen the affidavit of John MacPhee located at the "Ok, Skip, we would like to ask the following" thread at and on other sites on the internet.

Publication of this document may have had less than the assumed intended effect and in fact, actually led to more blood letting in response.

It is my understanding this public document was sent to Borough Council members prior to a vote to fill an soon-to-expire term on the Planning Commission. Until March the seat is held by Michael Hott, a five year member who, by all accounts, has been an exemplary member. He has consistently contributed his expertise and distinctive service to the Borough. Just as important in this town, he was apolitical.

John MacPhee's affidavit speaks for itself. It is what it is. Including, also, the commentary written by the Judge.

Tuesday evening in yet another reversal of a Council decision to interview all candidates for the expiring term on the Planning Commission, Council voted to seat John Messina without conducting interviews.


If the public is expected to gain any respect of or belief in a political body and it's processes, it must first adhere to it's own dictums, rules, edicts.

This vote brings to mind the advertisement which was drafted by Council for the Borough Manager's position. In it's own words, Council required certain qualifications for the postition, and the search was based on those words.

With apparently no memory of the advertised requirements, Council hired the now fired Anthony DiGirolomo.

Why did Council once again choose, by a 5-1-1 vote, to disregard the logic of interviewing candidates prior to a vote for this very important position?

The move certainly has not instilled in me a strong sense of trust for the decision making process on Church Street. It has, in fact, underscored the perception that a majority of Council lock steps to the beat of an agenda unknown to you and me.

Why? Why cast a pall of mistrust back over Council decisions?

The Planning Commission suffered the loss of Charlie Berger and Tom Carnevale, and now Michael Hott will join those good people who's service to the community was cast aside with a few flowery words on a resolution.


At a critical point for the borough, the Planning Commission IS hemorrhaging.

This just might be a good time for the Commission to rise in protest.

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Bob Tigro said...

If Speck was as honorable as the rest of the Marine Corps in which he prominently displays their call, Semper Fidelis – meaning always faithful in his writings. The question is to whom was Mr. Speck being faithful? If it were his constituents, he would, as I like to quote from one of my favorite movies, 'would have lit a flame thrower to that place.' - Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman, ( The members of Council need to show CHARACTERR! Stop the injustices that either party perpetrates. Stand up for something and be counted or do nothing and not be counted on at all. If the later is true, you have violated the trust and confidence that the members of this community have bestowed upon you. I also ask where was the Mayor and his ‘fatherly wisdom’ that he likes to bestow upon members of council? I am glad that we can count on him when the times are tough. Thanks Mr. Mayor.

Anonymous said...

WWWWWWWWhhhhhhhhooooooaaaaaaa! Tigro is back!It's about time. The people can have a voice again. Robert you have my vote, run for something!