Monday, March 24, 2008

Just say no

Councilman Jeff Senley's blog, reminded me of the Council committee meeting scheduled for March 24, 2008, tonight. Thanks, Jeff.

I am also reminded by the agenda that two hot topics will be discussed.

Leading the meeting will be the interviews of four candidates and a subsequent appointment of one of them to the Planning Commission. Another possible controversial vote is the issue of a Parking Authority for Phoenixville which is also on the agenda.

What Phoenixville needs on Council, as well as on each board, and every commission, are qualified people who do not bring with them controversial baggage, who are capable of independent thought, with no taint of cronyism, and who will serve Phoenixville and the people to the best of their ability.

Please, Council, think before you vote.

The proposed Parking Authority is overkill for a community our size and, by law, will serve no master. Not a good idea in this town.

It's life span will be longer than I will trod this earth, and single-handedly, the appointments to the authority will be made by the Council President, not by the entire of Council. And, most likely, not with the public scrutiny of Council interviews.

I believe a Parking Authority may put Phoenixville at risk and liable for any flawed or failed ventures.

Designate a task force or a Parking Department instead.

Council, please.

This time, do what's right.

Just say no.

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Karen said...

I received a telephone call last night and was informed the decision on the appointment to the Planning Commission will be addressed at Council's meeting in April.