Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reeves Park clock

The beautiful clock in Reeves Park donated to the borough by the Phoenixville Jaycees needs to be advanced one hour due to the daylight savings time change.

I spoke with a former Jaycee this evening but he didn't know if the borough now owns and maintains it or if the clock is maintained by the organization.

I'd be happy to volunteer my services to do the "spring forward, fall backwards" duty if someone would drop a key to the clock to my home.

Does anyone know who now owns it?


Anonymous said...

Seems like since it's an 'atomic' type clock which receives radio signals from the National Bureau of Standards it should have the correct time. Check back with the manufacturer. All my 'atomic' clocks changed just like they were supposed to - even my 'atomic' wrist watch.

Karen said...

I do learn something new every day!

I had no idea our big beauty is an atomic type clock.

Thanks, anonymous, for the info.

I'm hoping someone can settle the ownership question for me.

Ed Naratil said...

Well Karen, the clock is only one hour behind. If you check the Borough's web page and click on Calendar you'll find that that's one month behind (at least as of today). In one more day it'll be two months behind.

Just another reason outsiders and some residents laugh out loud whenever Phoenixville is mentioned.

Karen said...

Interesting, Ed.

Such a site is often one of the first introductions to a community.

Since the website is now the "official" website one would think that attention would be paid to the details on it.

A town's website should be treated as the front door to our collective home, our community.

To quote a friend of mine, "Too few people care anymore."

Ed Naratil said...

And, yes, I did e-mail the site's webmaster about the calendar twice in the last month. I received NO reply from him/her.

Ed Naratil said...

And here's an update. Just came back from the Phoenixville Post Office. Guess what? Their display clock is also one hour slow.

Is it possible that the Borough Government AND the United States Postal Service know something we don't?

Ed Jones said...

Clocks still slow - Borough calendar on their web page is still February's .
I'd try to contact someone in charge, but since this is April Fools Day, I expect Borough Hall is closed for the Fools Holiday.

Anonymous said...

clock still hasn't been 'sprung' forward. it looks like the jaycees are responsibile for it.

Alan Hughes is the man to contact. His phone number is on the site but no email address. The Jaycees website is almost as pathetic as the Boroughs website.

Anonymous said...

The Jaycees are not responibsle for the clock.

Anonymous said...

Calendar is now of April, but clock is still behind.

Anonymous said...

if not the jaycees then who? since they raised the money to purchase the clock then they should know who has the keys right?

Anonymous said...

at least the clock will be right again when the time 'falls back' in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

Clock is fixed.

Karen said...

Oh, joy!

I was thrilled to announce that fact in an update on the clock.

Thanks, anonymous, for following this crisis to a perfectly timed conclusion! :)