Thursday, May 1, 2008

Exelon considering new power plant for region

Exelon considering new power plant for region

By Tony Gnoffo


Peco's parent company, Exelon Corp., said today that it may build a gas-fueled power plant in the Philadelphia area that would generate enough power for about 525,000 households.

The company said it is considering "several" sites for the $700 million plant. Each of the sites is owned by Exelon and is or was at one time the site of a fossil-fueled power plant, according to Exelon spokesman Tim Brown. There are 15 such sites, all of them in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The biggest such Exelon power plants are:

Cromby Generating Station, a natural gas or oil-fired plant in Phoenixville, Montgomery County.
Eddystone Generating Station in Eddystone, Delaware County, which is fueled by natural gas, oil and coal.

Schuylkill Generating Station in Philadelphia, which is fired by fuel oil and activated only during peak-demand periods, usually in the summer.

The announcement said that the company expects to narrow the list of sites over the next six months. The plant would go online no sooner than 2012.

Brown said that, compared with earlier generations of gas-fired power plants, the new plant would use less fuel to generate the same amount of power and thus release a smaller volume of greenhouse gasses. He also said the addition of the plant to the electric grid would reduce the use of older fossil-fuel plants.

Exelon has established a corporate-wide goal of reducing, displacing or offsetting all of its carbon emissions by 2020.


andthetruthshallsetyoufree said...

Karen, remember the campaign ran by (D) Tim Cahill (sp) who ran for Supervisor on a campaign based on fear of Excelon who then at the time a bid on Cromby? The cry at that time was never or NIMBY. Guess times change when gas is $3.65 a gal.

Ed Jones said...

Not bad enough that Channel 6 Action News ofttimes puts Phoenixville in Montgomery County, now the Philadelphia Inquirer is doing it too.

How about everything north of route 30 ceceeds from Chester Co. and joins Montgomery County?

Norristown as the County Seat. Easier than West Chester to get to by public transportation.

Makes sense to me.