Tuesday, June 3, 2008


...the Democrats have a Presidential candidate.

In an historic nomination, Barack Obama is offically the presumed Democratic nominee for the office of President of these United States.

I don't know about you, but I'm thrilled on several points.

First, I must admit to not investing much emotion in this year's election process. I preferred to examine the candidates by the use of facts, issues, voting records, logic, and my perceptions based on my own long years of personal experience in the world of politics.

The individual candidate's speaking prowess and charisma I ignored.

Tonight, Barack Obama, does represent for me a potential change in the direction of our Country.

We desperately need people in office, in every office from the local government right up to the White House, who do not have the arrogance of years of power behind them, who don't have the political baggage of owing their soul to special interests, and who will focus on the needs of Americans all across our Country.

I hope this man embodies that which we need. To feel that budding hope thrills me.

Will Obama be the candidate who leads the USA to a better future?

I don't know.

I wish him sucess.

After all, we are the potential beneficiaries.

I mentioned being thrilled on several points.

The second reason is that at least for a short time before Obama and McCain gear up for the November elections we'll have a brief respite from the never-ending political drama.

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