Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mike Ellis - a new PASD blog

Local author, Mike Ellis, recently launched a website dedicated to Phoenixville Area School District and related matters.

Motivated by public safety concerns last year, Mike stepped forward to form a coalition which challenged the administration's plan to build the now-defunct Kimberton Elementary School.

"PASD residents must be informed of what the school board is doing with their money. Spending it wisely and prudently helps students, parents, taxpayers, and our property values among other things."

Accurate communication is a high priority for this published author of Slanguage, a book designed with new approach to teaching languages.

Mike believes, "...this blog can help get those involved who can't or won't attend the school board meetings and workshops. The blog also brings the school board to the taxpayer in their home. More communication between the public and the school administration is needed and more communication has to be better rather than less."

Mike's blog can be viewed and comments left at:

Congratulations on your new blog, Mike! I'm looking forward to reading discussions online.


Anonymous said...

Where can one find this blog?

Karen said...

Mike's blog address is found in the body of my original post.

Here it is, Anonymous: