Friday, June 26, 2009

Public Service Announcement - Obituaries

As many readers are aware, the right hand column of this blog contains links of interest.

For the convenience of my readers, and due to the Phoenix's change from a daily to a weekly regards their publishing schedule, I have added a link in the blog's column to the frequently updated Mercury newspaper online obituary notices.


Ed Jones said...

Thanks for the link Karen. I would have assumed that the 'Phoenix' would have at least updated daily the obituary part of their web page.

A staff of two (?) with only a weekly to put out doesn't have much else to do during the week.

I guess we won't even get obits in the Saturday edition.

Ed Jones said...

I'll take that back. Obits ARE in todays Phoenix. Sorry. But they still should be updated daily on the web site.

Anonymous said...

With the demise of The Phoenix as a daily newspaper, perhaps the borough should look at an alternative to providing important news. I was amazed how few residents were aware of the possible water outage on 6/25.

Maybe a system similar to the Chester County ReadyNotifyPA or a Reverse 911.