Monday, July 13, 2009

Open thread

Here's your chance, folks.

I've decided to open a thread to you, the readers of this blog.

You may do with the thread what you will. Within reason, of course.

Want to congratulate someone? Want to give your best wishes for a birthday, or anniversary? Announce a birth?

Do you approve of President Obama's work since January or do you think Rush Limbaugh should be in the White House?

Or, have you spotted a pothole, torn public flag, sidewalks in need of repair?

Sound off on whatever is on your mind.

Write a plug for your candidate or tell us why you won't vote at all.

Have you seen a ufo lately? Any ghosts in your house?

The open thread is an experiment, and if you find it useful to pick your own subject, I may continue to throw an open thread up on the board from time to time.

Have at it!

Just one reminder.

Play nice.


Anonymous said...

If you read these blogs you are a part of what is now a small group of informed citizens. Our borough is at a unique moment in time now where the events of the next couple of years could make or break our shot at making Phoenixville become the the premire place to live, work, and play we all know it can be. I emplore you to continue to follow these blogs, alert you neighbors and friends about the issues that you find here, and from that truth will show itself in the rise of the Phoenixville.

Anonymous said...

There is a Library Board meeting scheduled for this evening at 6pm in the Library. Anyone concerned about the future of 2nd Avenue and Reeves Park should attend.

Julie said...

OO, I called the borough 18 months ago about a horrible piece of sidewalk (near the memorial at Nutt Rd and Main). It's almost impossible to get a stroller over it so I can't imagine how a wheelchair would manage.

They promised to 'send someone out to have a look at it'. I guess that's all they ever did. Except rip up the rest of the sidewalk to put in cross-walk lights that do nothing other than change to 'walk' at the same time as the cars are given a green light to go in that direction. I was safer before, and I do wonder if they are ever going to fix the parts of the sidewalk they ripped up.

Rant over, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Since our borough council keeps selling parts of our town for a buck, can't everybody do this?

Since they're going to close 2nd for the liar-brary, why not have all the schools and churches on 3rd ( and really everywhere in Pville) buy their own piece of street? This way, they can block the road, kill the grid and slow down traffic. So what if it takes an hour to get around all the detours, cul de sacs and blocked streets?

Isn't this why the council set the 2nd avenue precedent for the liar-brary? So everybody can own a piece of the pie for a buck?

I'm sure USA Today will do an article on this creative genius. If they don't deny pasd, they shouldn't deny anybody else. That would be descrimination and they'll sue.

Our town's $2 million in debt? We can make it higher with this plan.

Anonymous said...

Somebody complained to me the other day that AIG employees were getting more bonuses. I asked my friend if he votes. Nah, don't have time. Then I don't have time to listen to your whining.

AIG is working a perfect scam and the only way to stop them is to get involved, vote and get rid of the scamsters giving out our money.


Karen said...

Anonymous, 7:21 a.m., blogs have risen from relative obscurity in the media world to the point where today they are fast becoming an almost instantaneous and valuable source for local news.

However, unless the bloggers know the news or an issue, we can't publish the findings.

I invite anyone with newsworthy information to contact me via email, by phone, or post to the blog.

These blogs will only be as informative and accurate as possible if we have the public's help and input.

Phoenixville residents deserve their news!

Karen said...

Thanks for the info, Anonymous 8:56 a.m.!

Karen said...

Julie, I have passed your concern along to the appropriate parties at borough hall.

Thank you for the alert on that situation.

Karen said...

One step forward, 6 steps backwards, Anonymous 9:52 a.m.

The primary requirement for effective government is commonsense.

Karen said...

Anonymous 12:33 p.m., AIG is basically thumbing it's collective nose at the intent of the bailout and to the taxpayers who funded the scheme.

Had anyone the sense to require an national referendum on gifting our monies to large corporations I suspect that voters would have overwhelmingly turned down the idea and let the financial chips fall where they may.

I'm aware of arguments for and against, ad nausem, but at this late date, I'm still not convinced the right thing was done, or that all ramifications were understood even by those seated in the current administration.

Anonymous said...

Since borough council seems happy to modify the laws to make the developers happy, can I apply for a pig farm, gunshop and strip joint on or adjacent to Reeves Park? We need a jail too.

They're known revenue generators in all types of economic conditions.

Who could possibly have a problem with this?

Anonymous said...

I like the giant Confederate flag on the realtor's home in East Pikeland. First house on the left after the Route 23 split on Route 724.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see it in the printed press or online, but it bears mentioning. At the last police contract Phoenixville cops got a pay increase which brought them up to a level where they should have been for some time, as well as a very generous education allowance. I was not and maybe still am not a fan of the amount of the education allowance, however this year two members of the force finished their degree programs and both graduated with honors. Of all the increases we've seen over the last few years money to the police department is one outlay of municipal funds which seems worth it.

Karen said...

Julie, here is the response received around 3 p.m. to your concerns.



That particular sidewalk falls under the scope of work for the Closed Loop System being completed by PennDOT.

The status of the work is the ADA Ramps are still in design and that work will be completed by PennDOT as soon as the design is approved by them.

Unfortunately it is out of our hands.

Brian A. Watson
Director of Public Works
Borough of Phoenixville


Julie, I can't and won't make excuses for the alphabet agencies which lose track of time, but I hope you'll join me in giving Brian Watson kudos for a quick response.

Anonymous said...

The sidewalks all over the borough are a mess. I walk with my baby in the street b/c of all the sidewalks sticking up due to tree roots and the such.

Anonymous said...

Karen: Any information you can share regarding former Councilman John Messina? I see on another blog there was a moment of silence for him at the council meeting as he is in intensive care. Aren't moments of silence normally for someone already gone?

Karen said...

Anonymous 12:31 p.m., I can confirm I received information yesterday morning regarding John Messina's condition.

Due to the private nature of this situation, it would be inappropriate to comment further.

Anonymous said...

Karen, why don't you answer the question posed to you? Where was your opposing stance at when the hospital wanted to change the community in much the same way as the library? This is just relating the library issue to another previous related issue. PLEASE answer the question. Now that it's on the open thread can you please answer?

Karen said...

Anonymous 9:17 a.m., here is my post to this blog on 10/11/07 regarding Phoenixville Hospital.


Phoenixville Hospital representatives met with challenges from Borough Council during the initial process for expansion at their facility. As the situation deteriorated, several community leaders and I met with hospital officals and were told in no uncertain terms that the hospital would seek to build elsewhere if the Borough could not issue certain guarantees in a fixed period of time.

With that shocking news in hand, I approached several civic minded individuals and Save Phoenixville Hospital was organized.

With much hard work accomplished in short time, the outcome was the collection of over 4,000 signatures to keep Phoenixville Hospital in Phoenixville. With all parties satisfied we are now in the midst of new construction and the hospital WILL remain here, saving the lives of our community members and people from the surrounding areas.