Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Joe Rooney at Phoenixville Focus

Regular readers of Life in Phoenixville will remember Joe Rooney, former writer for the Phoenix, who has also contributed to this blog.

Tonight, Joe sends the announcement of his latest endeavor, Phoenixville Focus, our town's newest blog!

Joe brings with him an insatiable curiosity about the Phoenixville community, and has a passion for examining the politics and inner workings of the administration in our local governing bodies.

Not at all shy, Joe's style and demeanor in approaching issues as well as the people who make the decisions which affect our daily lives, will provide some very interesting reading at his website.

Here are a few examples of Joe's work:

Welcome, Joe, to the world of citizen journalism, and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Another missing woman is featured on the front page of Daily Local.

This community for our newspapers is really not that larege. Those in Mercury reading area, drive, shop and work in Daily Local area.

Would be nice to post this article and photo. Strange the similarity of the woman. Some may think it is a coincidence but either way, coverage everywhere would be beneifical to the location since it justifies front page news.


Anonymous said...

Here's the link

Anonymous said...

By Dan Kristie, Journal Register News Service

Click to enlarge

Toni Lee Sharpless

There is still no sign of the West Brandywine woman who vanished early Sunday morning just after leaving a party in Lower Merion, Montgomery County.

Police said they have been searching diligently for Toni Lee Sharpless, 29, but that she has apparently disappeared without a trace.

"We checked financial records, cell phone activity — there's been nothing active," said Lt. Frank Higgins, of the Lower Merion Police.

Higgins dismissed speculation that her car could have crashed into one of the township's wooded areas.

"There are big properties here, but nothing a car could disappear into," Higgins said. "A lot of people don't realize that from where she was, she could've gotten onto I-76 in literally three minutes. It's a complete guess where she could've gone from there."

Sharpless was last seen by a female friend who had accompanied her to the party. The friend had accepted a ride home from Sharpless, but the two women soon got into an argument, and the friend got out of the car, police said.

Before attending the party, the two women had gone to Ice Nightclub in the Gladwyne section of Lower Merion, police said. The women were not well acquainted with those who threw the party, police said.

One of Sharpless' family members said Thursday afternoon that no one in the family has heard from her since her disappearance.

On the night of the party, Sharpless was driving a black 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with Pennsylvania registration DND-7772, police said. She is described as 5 feet 5 inches tall, 135 pounds, with red hair and blue eyes. She was last seen on City Line Avenue in Philadelphia wearing a turquoise shirt, black tights and black sandals.

Investigators have asked that anyone who sees Sharpless or her car call West Brandywine police at 610-380-8201

Karen said...

I do appreciate tips from the readers of this blog.

Using this thread as an example, I want to point out the fact that the thread was "hijacked" in cyber terms.

Please use my email address located below the comment box to contact me with any news or issues of interest.

Thank you.