Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Phoenixville's $1,300,000 2010 budget deficit pared to $1,060,000

Last night's Phoenixville Borough Council meeting revealed a whopping $1,300,000 deficit to next year's budget.

Faced with the current numbers, on the table is a hiring freeze, but no lay offs are planned at this time.

A secretary position scheduled to go full time will remain part time, and a new position in the Recreation Department will not be filled.

Also discussed was the expected replacement in 2010 of the current telephone system for the borough, which will be delayed.

The initial cuts in the budget resulted in a reduction to $1,060,000.

Council has a long way to go before this budget is adopted in December, and likely at least one pet project, the CDC, will be the subject of intense discussions as more cuts are made.

The early start to the budgetary process will allow for more time for Council and staff to examine areas where costs can be minimized during the world-wide economic crisis.

For those interested here is your opportunity to make suggestions to Council on how and where Phoenixville can save your tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

Cut a couple of BC's out of the budget. . . . . Borough Council and Barry Cassidy

Anonymous said...

And don't forget Barbara Cohen!

Anonymous said...

Better cut a lot of it out. I'm retired and SS ain't gonna give me any raise this year or next. In fact when they take out the increase in Medicare I'll be making less.

Dont' grow old - take the alternative!