Monday, November 2, 2009

Erin McDevitt - Candidate for Phoenixville Borough Council - East Ward


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Dear Readers:

At least one of you has commented that I have not made my opinions public. Perhaps that person is right and I have not made my opinions public enough.

I was against the expansion of the Library. I believed that closing Second Avenue to Through traffic increased the risk of accidents by forcing more traffic past vulnerable areas in the surrounding neighborhood. I also did not believe that the library had the funding to underwrite the increased operational costs. I came to that conclusion by researching the minutes of the PASD Board minutes.

The PASD is looking for ways to shift the cost of supporting the library to the municipality. If PASD is able to shift the cost then the residents of Phoenixville may be looking at absorbing another tax increase. I doubt we would see a corresponding decrease in our property taxes. This prospect did not make sense to me particularly when Borough residents are being asked to absorb the cost of building a new middle school and we are facing a deficit.

I was the only candidate who publicly suggested examining the contract with the CDC as a method of reducing the budget. I also suggested auditing the legal fees paid by the Borough.

I am not wed to any course of action with regard to trash collection. I would examine all the options and support the one that resulted in the best services at the lowest cost to the residents.

All of the issues above directly impact our quality of life in Phoenixville. I intend to protect that quality of life by using common sense and focusing on the best interests of the East Ward and the Phoenixville Community in general.


Erin McDevitt


Anonymous said...

If she is in fact the only candidate who suggested we look at the CDC contract, she is in opposition to Henry Wagner. Her statement that she would at least look at the trash contract is different from the Republican east ward candidate - who said the trash contract is what we have, not the trash contract is half-way through what would have been a fixed rate anyway without an increase in insurance for all all of the borough due to accidents involving the (soon to be replaced at full retail value ) trash trucks.
The Republican candidate is fine member of the Phoenixville community, and has some extra cred as having experienced the downside of illegal immigration in his neighborhood. It will be a tough call for east ward voters Tuesday.
I wish this candidate had made herself known sooner as she is obviously not another east ward ditzy dem.
But a Reber, Buckwalter, Senley, Gautreu, Tigro coalition sure sounds a hell of a lot better then what the local Democrats have served us these last several years.

Dave Gautreau said...

Thanks for vote of confidence, if elected every facet of our borough costs and revenues will have to be examined. It will take all of us, as a team to come up with tough decisions and get creative on cost cutting measures as well as other sources of revenue. I promise I will look at internal trash operations and all the other areas.

Anonymous said...

Erin seems like a good candidate. However my vote will be for Dave. Hopefully Erin will continue her interest in giving back to the community and run against that boob Speck whose only accomplishment so far is to be on the wrong side of every issue that comes up.