Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today we set the course for Phoenixville's future! VOTE!

Due to circumstances beyond my control the lengthy commentary I was preparing on each race in today's election is lost.

I simply do not have the wherewithal or the time at this late hour (I am writing at midnight), to reconstruct the entire article.

All I can do is apologize to those readers who probably expected more of a response to the question to me on another thread, "Who are you supporting?".

For Mayor - Leo Scoda

Leo is a proven asset to Phoenixville, a strong ambassador for our community, and was remarkably outspoken in his support for the efforts of residents in opposition to the former library concept plan as well. His incredible wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects of the borough, it's history and knowledge of correct policies is a reliable and constant source of information for Council and the administration. Phoenixville borough and our police department continues to need his strong leadership, influence, and guidance. Leo deserves another term in office.

Lou Amici, also a candidate for Mayor, has served Phoenixville admirably over the years. His dedication, diligence, and demonstrations of concern for Phoenixville's residents is remarkable and remembered.

East Ward - Borough Council

I am voting for Dave Gautreau, whom I have known for many years, for the East Ward Council seat. Dave presents character qualities I personally admire, the most compelling of which is compassion and true concern for his fellow man. Dave has served the Phoenixville area for many years in various capacities, has held public office, has complete understanding of the duties of elected office, and displays fair and even-handed judgement. Dave will serve the East Ward residents to the best of his ability.

I do want to share the fact that Erin McDevitt impressed me when she and I met recently. By her reputation and my time spent with her, I believe Erin has the potential to provide leadership in the political field. She is intelligent, astute, perceptive, and has an enjoyable bit of moxie, too!

If I were voting in the Middle Ward, Marc Reber impressed me with his ability to listen first, and then adroitly discern and discuss solutions to the needs of the Middle Ward, and the residents of Phoenixville. His background in IT prepares him for the linear thought processing which should (if only!) be a required mind-set along with his demonstrated commonsense for a Council member. His willingness and desire to place the concerns of the citizens of the borough first, coupled with his knowledge of borough affairs will make Marc an excellent choice for Middle Ward voters.

In all my years of involvement with the political realm, I have never encountered a Council member or any other elected official who removed his personal contact information from the borough website, his constituency, and the public at-large as did Henry Wagner, the opposition candidate in the Middle Ward. Also, his support for the now defunct library concept plan was in direct opposition to many residents concerns and pleas for his support, so I personally cannot trust his judgement on issues in the future.

The School Board candidates I am voting for are presented in alphabetical order.

Dan Cushing

Wendy Kelly

Jan Potts

Betsy Ruch

Listed below are the polling stations in Phoenixville.

North 1
Santa Anna Italian-American Club, 422 Dayton Street

North 2
Friendship Fire Company, 423 High Street

North 3
Loyal Order of Moose, 920 Township Line Road

Middle 1
Phoenixville Borough Hall, 140 Church Street

Middle 2
Civic Center, 123 Main Street

Middle 3
Barkley Elementary School, Second Avenue

East 1
Phoenixville Public Library, Main & Second Avenue

East 2
First Methodist Church of Phoenixville, Main Street & Virginia Avenue

East 3
Phoenixville Area High School, City Line Avenue

West 1
West End Fire House, 801 Bridge Street

West 2
Phoenixville Middle School, 1330 Main Street

West 3
Caines Creek Social Center, 125 Harvest Lane

Please, don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

You missed helping us with the other wards

Anonymous said...

Karen. Wasn't Wendy Kelly the one who is quoted in the paper as calling the school board racists, nepotists and sunshine law violators? It was all untrue. Not sure where you're going with this beside just pulling the democratic handle?

Karen said...

I've been told about the comments you mentioned, Anonymous 10:43 a.m., attributed to Ms. Kelly.

From my perspective, if they were spoken by her, she owns them and is responsible for any reaction to them.

That being said, anyone meeting certain criteria can run for office, and each candidate, no matter what their ideology or philosophy, does represent a certain segment of our society as does Wendy.

Since she is a double minority as a black woman, in a community in which there are currently fewer women than men in office, and no one of color, Wendy's candidacy is appreciated and needed.

I hope my response helps you to understand.

Also, on a side note, I can't remember the last time I voted straight party.

Karen said...

Voting is light, folks!

Please go to the polls and vote!

Anonymous said...

There's nobody running who is worth voting for.

Anonymous said...

I always say if people don't vote, then they have no business complaining about their government. Some say that one votedoes not make a differencc, but in local races they absolutely do. Think back to George Bush's races when every vote did matter!

Anonymous said...

I feel that your race, gender or ethnicity itself should not be a determining factor on what segment of society you represent. I am a woman but I would represent fiscally responsible conservatives and smaller government involvement regardless of anyone's gender, race or ethnicity. Time to put labels behind. It is easy if you try.