Thursday, April 15, 2010

Important PASD meeting tonight

During the current era of continued economic problems many corporations have downsized, millions of Americans are out of work without health coverage and other benefits, while our local government and school districts are scrambling for ways to reduce their budgets.

Thursday evening at PAHS, 7 p.m., the school board will hold a monthly meeting which should reveal the extent of the PASD tax increases for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Fellow blogger, Mike Ellis, on his blog has identified a number of financial concerns which impact Phoenixville Area School District residents.

Beginning with Dr. Barbara Burke-Stevenson, Acting Superintendent of PASD's recommendation to increase the administration salaries (see 2009 alphabetized listing of PASD administration salaries) to discussions on program cuts and more, attendance at this meeting is critical to those planning to voice an opinion.

Please make time to attend the meeting at the PAHS auditorium tonight at 7 p.m.


Anonymous said...

I can't attend tonite's meeting, but here's an interesting question or 2 for the Superintendant.

Did you really grant 6% raises to your admin after the school board requested zero?

Cutting the Spanish programs will save $100k as discussed at the curriculum meeting Tuesday. 6% raises on $3 million of admin salaries equals $180k. So are you cutting important programs to cover fat raises to your admin staff in a lousy economy??

Anonymous said...

The link to salaries is 2008-09 so add 10% to them assuming their usual 5 or 6% raises.

Weneedachange said...

Sunday's Inquirer had the Report Card on Schools. PHX spends $17,000per student a year.Only 66% go off to college. This is #1 in the county and probably the state.

This is downright dispicable.The Superintendant makes $900 a day on top of the $80,000 pension she collects. If she grants anyone a 6% raise all hell will break loose.

With health and phys ed teachers pulling in $98,000 a year plus coaching a sport and the former AD making $103,000 a year THESE PEOPLE DON'T LIVE LIKE YOU AND ME.

Go to APP.COM to see what these Administrators and your kids teachers are making and it will make you sick.

FREEZE SALARIES FOR TWO YEARS. I am sure they will survive the downturn economy.


Anonymous said...

PASD benefits are up 25% this year. Good thing taxes are going up 7% to cover this. Thanks taxpayers (sheep)