Monday, May 17, 2010

Fundraiser for PAC Food Bank

I received the following via email from Joseph S. McCardle for publication.

Please support this very worthy cause!


Community Comes Together To Bring Local Fresh Produce To Needy

PHOENIXVILLE, PA In a first of its kind "Green Concept" fresh, locally grown produce is being added to the menu at Phoenixville's local food bank. It stands ready to refrigerate and distribute fresh vegetables in addition to the existing line of usual food supplies and canned goods.

Joseph Scott McArdle, President of the Valley Forge Lion's Club and a local realtor with a green designation, developed this "green sustainability concept." It works through the use of a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA).

Farmers sell shares of a field of assorted crops at the beginning of the year, and each shareholder is entitled to their portion of the yield each week for about 30 plus weeks.

McArdle is holding a fundraiser to buy a share for the food bank of Phoenixville.

"I wanted to make the program all local so that it can be duplicated anywhere and everywhere. It's what I call a green sustainable community concept."

He added, "The bulk of the money that we raise as a Lion's Club goes to eye-related causes such as Leader Dog training, summer camp for blind kids and an eye bank. But this is my special project which called for special fundraisers."

Carol Berger, Phoenixville Area Community Services (PACS) Executive Director, said "The creation of a green sustainability concept to obtain locally grown produce from Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs will result in a tremendous resource to feed regional residents who are in need.”

She added, "Our board of directors, staff members and volunteers are all enthusiastic about the fresh, locally grown produce that will improve the nutrition of families and individuals using our emergency food pantry. An average of 163 households per month receive food food assistance from PACS. Approximately 380 people are living in those households. They rely on PACS emergency pantry because they cannot afford to buy for themselves. So many people are struggling financially because they have lost their jobs or had to significantly downsize their jobs due to the economy. Even those who are still employed end up asking for help because they can't make ends meet on very tight budgets. The connection with a CSA will add fresh food to their diets every week, nourishing them and keeping them healthier."

PACS provides an emergency supply of canned goods and other non-perishables that will last a family around 3 to 5 days.

Karl Bucus, a member of PACS board of directors, is also working with McArdle and states "I came on board with this idea since it promises to make a real difference feeding local residents in a way that involves the community itself."

The fundraiser to pay for the food bank's share will be held at Iron Hill Brewery, 130 Bridge St., Phoenixville on Tuesday, May 18th.

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Dave Gautreau said...

I have also been a member of this board since 1990 and encourage everyone to help out. We are facing a double-edged sword currently. More folks in need and cuts in funding. Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO and MANY MANY THANKS to Joe McArdle, Dave Gautreau, and their entire board for all they are doing!

Phoenixville is blessed to have many organizations like PACS and others,,,giving back to the community.

Yours in the Revitaliztion, Rejuvenation, and Reinvention of Phoenixville,

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